About Medjugorje

Međugorje literally means "between the mountains". Is situated at an altitude of 200 m, and has a mild Mediterranean climate. Roman Catholic parish consists of five neighboring villages of Međugorje, Bijaković and Vionica, Miletina and Šurmanci.

Međugorje is one of the most famous Catholic shrines in the world, located near the town Čitluk, in the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has about 4300 inhabitants, and became famous for the apparitions of the Virgin Mary, which first started in 1981. Since then, this place in Herzegovina, near Sarajevo, is one of the most visited tourist centers, which annually round about a million Catholics from around the world. In contrast to the Marian shrine at Lourdes in France, which has six million tourists who became a commercial paradise for local caterers, Međugorje shrine is still retained its original charm, where the pilgrims find peace in faith. Center of the Shrine of the Queen of Peace in Međugorje shrine officially called, is the church of  St. James in the city center.


Apparitions of the Virgin Mary

The Blessed Virgin Mary, popularly known as Our Lady of Međugorje or the Queen of Peace was first appeared on June 24, 1981, in an area called „Podbrdo“, the hill black soil in Međugorje. She appeared at dusk in the form of beautiful, young woman with a child in her arms, which is over six children, as she saw the world sent messages of peace, faith, love, prayer, repentance and fasting. 25th of each month, Our Lady through its visionary Marija Pavlović, addresses worldwide publishing their spiritual messages with the same fervor as in 1981. The Vatican is neither admitted nor denied these apparitions, as the same are still in progress. Officially Međugorje from him accepted as a place of prayer. However pilgrimage organized by the diocese or Catholic associations are permitted, but only privately organized pilgrimages, provided that they are not considered authentication events. Religious Congregation appeals to the review of the former Bishops' Conference of Yugoslavia and its meeting in Zadar, 9-11. April 1991, which declared: "On the basis of investigations can not be affirmed that these matters concern supernatural apparitions and revelations. However, the number of the faithful from different parts who come to Međugorje encourage religious or other motives, require attention and pastoral care primarily diocesan bishop, and with him and the other bishops, so that in Međugorje and all connected with it, a healthy devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, in accordance with the teachings of the Church. To this end, the bishops will issue special liturgical and pastoral directives. Likewise, through their Commission will continue to monitor and investigate the happenings in Međugorje. "

Another "miracle" of Međugorje's sculpture, which inexplicably "salary". Scientists who have studied this phenomenon, they came to the conclusion that the chemical composition of tears from this sculpture quite similar to humans !



The pilgrims who visit the Shrine of the Queen of Peace speak of a deep, sincere and personal "experiences" of this phenomenon, such as for example, touches, and mental healing of mental injuries and wounds that can not be explained without a reason and a large supply of confession in almost all large world languages​​.

Međugorje attracts a large number of young Catholics from around the world, who gather in Herzegovina during the summer at a special annual youth festival.